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Ease the tasks of building reports and tracking interventions in the field of energy.

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The context

efluid SAS, in its mission, brings the most advanced solutions to the energy players. The company acts at 360 ° on all their business processes: contract, succession, intervention, invoicing, accounting, publication.
Thanks to mobefluid, efluid wanted to modernize the tools of the relief agents and to equip the agents of intervention of a solution of mobility (until then, good paperwork were almost always used by these entities), providing them with a mobile application.

The challenge

For efluid SAS, the challenge was multiple:

  • it was to streamline the link between the databases and the field,
  • to equip agents with powerful tools,
  • and especially to automate post intervention procedures!

The in-Tact answer

in-Tact assisted efluid in the creation of an application - mobefluid - that optimizes the processes of complex interventions in the field and energy distributors reports: two business domains in a smartphone!

A complex application for simplified work in-Tact participated in the construction of mobefluid for two distinct professions. The first part consists in simplifying and speeding up meter readings: list of tours, maps, consultation instructions, comments: the agent carries all the necessary information in his pocket.
The second is dedicated to interventions, much more complex. It integrates all the highly codified business rules of the electricity or gas agents and makes them available, among other things, the functions allowing dialogue (programming / succession). The development of mobefluid has been realized in the context deployment of smart meters, thus enabling the future mass deployment of this technology.
Beyond the simplified collection of data, the application allows the intervention professional to more easily follow the different steps and to visualize the procedures as well as possible.

How did we do it?
By diving in the heart of trades!

The in-Tact approach is always user-centric. In the case of mobefluid, the design of the application required an important first phase of immersion.

Our teams followed agents in their daily lives and organized numerous workshops to stay as close to the need as possible. Given the large number of cases and routes, the application was tested with their users before moving into the development phase.

Evidence on the ground

Today, the application is already deployed in several companies. It allows the report of more than 150,000 electric meters. The returns are excellent and mobefluid is already in high demand with agents who immediately identify the benefits.


in-Tact has managed to support us in this project presenting an important technical complexity, and that always putting the user at the center of the reflections. In the end, we have a quality and customized product that our users have adopted quickly and easily.

Régis Biard, efluid


Blablabus wanted to offer its customers a powerful tool which constantly evolves to meet their needs. in-Tact relied on agile methods and a close relationship to build up the application.

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